Nominated Supervisor- Sabina Kasiano

Sabina has more than nine years’ experience in the Child Care Service and extensive community services experience. Through these positions Sabina has gained experience in providing constant care and supervision of children, as well as the provision in the health care, hygiene and comfort of children.  Sabina has experience in planning and implementation of programs based on the observation of individual children. She has the ability to carry out observations and record children’s growth, behaviour and development.

Sabina can advise educators of the QUKELD based on her experience on how to intergrate children with special needs into the program; and modifying the program and the physical environment if necessary. She can also advise on how to prepare play and learning materials and set up the children’s environment. Supervise children’s play area and maintaining their physical safety at all the time, especially when it comes to educator family venues. Sabina also advises educators on how to help children with daily routines such as toileting, dressing, eating and sleeping. As a partner to the Qukeld business, Sabina will be an important asset to Queensland Kids Early Learning Daycare.