Family Day Care

As all of our Family Day Care Educators are self employed, their hours of operation in which they provide education and care to the children vary. Most educators begin at 6/7am and continue working till 7/8pm. This is to cater for before and after school care children as well as younger children. The services they offer also vary, some educators may provide food whilst others will request children to bring food with them. Educators also are in control of their fee schedule respective of the service they provide.

- It is important when assessing whether an educator is suitable for your child/ren to consider these factors to determine if the care is suited to your needs.

- Likewise it is important for educators to ensure they are able to meet the needs of the parents and children

Strong partnerships create effective and invaluable learning environments for the children, therefore we encourage parents and educators to negotiate terms of care between each other before the child commences in care with the educator. The coordinator will happily assist you in this process.