Become an educator

Qukeld Service works in collaboration with educators, children and families to give rise to positive learning environments and experiences for children. The Service supports educator by:

  • being honest and respectful
  • building a relationship on trust and confidentiality
  • Prompt response to calls for support, resources or advice
  • working in a consistent and transparent manner
  • facilitating access to professional development opportunities

 We welcome educators with childhood qualifications, such as a Certificate III in Children’s Services, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Degree in Early Childhood. Qukeld Service provides full induction training and opportunities for training and professional development to support all existing and new educators. We also provide ongoing support; resources and our experienced staff are always committed to helping every educator to succeed.

Costs associated with becoming an educator.

There are number of costs that you will need to outlay before you get started. These costs include any home repairs required to meet safety standards; equipment and materials. The safety and health of children is our number one priority. The National Quality Framework and our assessment of a family day care residence or venue documents guidelines and standards in place to ensure that your place of business is safe for children.


In carrying out your your business you will need books and equipment such as bedding and furniture. Other business costs include public liability insurance, blue card and a first aid certificate including CPR, emergency management of asthma and first aid management of anaphylaxis.

Your income

As a self-employed you will set your own hourly rates. To guide you an educator who is looking for 4 children for between 40 to 50 hours per week may earn an income of between $50, 000 to $60,000s per annum. Please note that as self-employed you will have to pay tax on your income. So it is very important that you keep all your receipts of expenses that related to operating the business. Many of our educator’s clients are eligible for Child Care Benefit (CCB/CCR) fee subsidies. Qukeld and Education Service will pay you the CCB on behalf of the family, and the parent will pay you the difference between the CCB and the full fee.

Our expectation of you

As a professional children Educator you are expected to adhere to certain standards as listed below at all times:

  • Have a professional image
  • To hold or be actively enroled in a Certificate III or higher (in a related Children's Education and Care field)
  • Maintain current qualifications (First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis)
  • Maintain current Public Liability Insurance (can be acquired after confirmation of registration is recieved from us) 
  • To have full understanding of National Quality Framework.
  • To be guided by Belonging, Being and Becoming in the Early Years Learning Framework
  • To be guided by the framework for school-age children ‘My Time, Our Place’
  • Adhering to an educational program and practice that enhances children’s learning and development.
  • An ongoing planning and reflection process
  • Be respectful in your communication with children, parents members of the community
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect the National Privacy Principles
  • Work collaboratively with children, parents and family day care coordination unit staff
  • Value diversity and different perspectives
  • Know your boundaries
  • Continually reflect and evaluate your daily practices
  • Be open to learning and keep current on issues relating to children and families
  • Always be transparent and honest in your practices
  • Keep accurate and honest business records for families and ATO
  • Maintain effective business systems and practices

Next steps

If this sounds like opportunity you would like to pursue, Qukeld Service wants to hear from you! Give us a call or send an email to and one of our staff will response to you promptly.

Alternatively download the Educator Registration form and return along with your medical certificate and we will contact you in regards to your application. Please note we do not guarantee placement, educators are registered if they meet all requirements and when places are available. Please call or email for more details.