About Us

Qukeld Service offers parents access to child care appropriate to their needs by promoting understanding, tolerance and mutual respect for all educators, staff, children, families and the wider community. The approved provider of Queensland Kids Early Learning Daycare (Qukeld) is Vincent Kasiano as Trustee for VOK Family Trust. The education service is managed under the trust and takes overall responsibility for the Education and Care Service, by ensuring that it meets the needs of the local community and is able to respond with flexibility to changing needs. 

Mission Statement 

We engage, support, and provide resources to inspire Educators to work in conjunction with families to enable each child reach their full potential. In implementing our vision QUKELD will act in a professional and respectful manner while valuing diversity. Our aim is to provide a safe, educational environment that accounts for each child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. As a new service we are committed to provide continued professional development for our educators and staff within our scheme. We will continue to provide support to families and appreciate the multicultural community that we live in and embrace.

Our Vision

“Pursue of excellent family day care where every child is nurtured and educated for a bright future” Qukeld will endeavour to achieve and maintain the highest quality care and education outcomes for children.

Our Values

Qukeld service believes that children are our future and should be nurtured in safe and respectful environment that realises the full potential of each child in the journey of life-long learning.

"There is no second chance at childhood. It comes and goes quickly. The growing child cannot wait until he is older for the things he needs now. Later will be too late."
(D.B. Boguslawski, 1975)